From a trip to South America to a soft drink.
Saveria tells her story.

Discovered in Peru, created in Basel

A few years have passed since I tackled my first trip to South America. My trip itinerary: Timeframe - 7 months. Start point - Argentina. Final destination - Mexico.

Finally, the story of how I was introduced to quinoa.
It was on one of my day trips to a ranch. As we arrived, we were welcomed with a refreshing, homemade drink. I was blown away by it and asked the lovely cholita how she created this magic potion. She answered "with quinoa." Puzzled, I asked "What? What’s quinoa?" With great enthusiasm, she explained "es la planta mágica de Perú." It’s a magical plant found in Peru that gives you energy, keeps you alert, and makes you happy. The idea was quite interesting to me so I made a notation in my travel diary.

Fast forward a few years:

My career as a bartender began in 2011. Four years later I found my place behind the counter of a bar named SMUK, in Klein-Basel, which I took over in 2017 and have been a proud barkeeper ever since. Here it is with pleasure that I prepare mixed drinks for my guests. It is exciting for me to experiment with different ingredients and use my own flair to create new mixed drinks.

A while ago, I happened to stumble upon my travel diary and my quinoa experience. Once again my curiosity peeked and I wanted to take a closer look at this magical plant. I began asking myself how I could possibly pack this crazy plant with its many beneficial properties into a harmonious drink and get back to the taste I experienced in Peru. That’s how it all began, the creation of the SAVIZZ soft drink, made with the fundamental ingredient quinoa.


"Be happy, get lucky!"