Unique - different and tastes great
The unique taste of quinoa

This lifestyle drink has it all. This is not your ordinary soft drink and certainly not an energy drink. SAVIZZ is the first soft drink with quinoa and the only one that makes you happy.  

The making of

Our focus was on creating a new generation of soft drinks. It needed to be good, natural, and have an unprecedented plus. Through Saveria's experience in Peru with quinoa, we had found the missing puzzle piece. That's how the idea for the Lucky Drink came about - because when you're happy, luck often comes naturally!
What followed was a lot of tinkering and hand-made drink prototypes until we nailed it and began with our first taste tastings; which produced encouraging results. The next step was to find a suitable design and a reliable production partner. On October 25, 2018 the time had come and nothing stood in the way of launching the SAVIZZ Lucky Drink, right in its birthplace, SMUK bar.
What the future holds is up to you! We will continue to come up with new ideas - so keep checking in and:

"take a gulp on the lucky side!"

The name

Saveria's nickname is Savi - since she was responsible for the recipe, and it was Savi's creation, it was only natural that the drink should become known as SAVIZZ. It is pronounced [sæv.iss] or in German [sav.iss]. We were also inspired by the French "savoir-faire" and "savoir-vivre". And in English "Savis", is a really great person who does not reveal herself. She is intelligent, caring and truly loving - the sweetest person you will ever know - and it doesn't take much to fall in love with her. All in all, "Savis" are amazing. Be one of them - SAVIZZ supports you.

Also as a cocktail

SAVIZZ can be mixed perfectly to create fine cocktails – it goes well with gin, champagne, rum, vodka, but also beer and more. Check out some of our cocktail recipes

The Inca miracle

Quinoa, which comes from the Andean region of South America, contains tryptophan. This is converted into serotonin, a happiness hormone found in the body, which leads to an increased feeling of well-being and inner happiness. Therefore SAVIZZ is not like any conventional drink, but it is: the only LUCKY DRINK!
...more about quinoa

Last but not least

SAVIZZ is only available in aluminum cans. There are several reasons why.

  • The great taste remains unchanged from day one over a prolonged period of time, so you experience the same irresistibly sparkling great taste every time.
  • Aluminum cans are light, unbreakable, impermeable to air, light and water, are tasteless and odorless and resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • In terms of environmental impact, aluminum performs better than disposable glass and is very suitable for recycling. Aluminum cans have more than three times less environmental impact than the disposable glass bottle.
Take care of the environment and please recycle your empty SAVIZZ cans!